Waterbury Clock. Store Regulator. Late 1800’s.

I had to replace the face on this Waterbury Clock because the original was beyond repair.

Waterbury Clock. Store Regulator. Late 1800’s.

Waterbury Clock. Store Regulator. Late 1800’s.

I used a paper face replacement. The clock is a typical store advertising clock.

Advertising Clocks

Some of these clocks have product names printed on the glass. These were mass produced clocks. As such, the cases and movements are obviously of a much lesser quality than, say, office or school house regulators.

The term ‘advertising clock’ is not germane to this make and model of clock as advertising clocks have been produced throughout the ages in all shapes and sizes. This is a more traditional store clock that may have some sort of advertising on the class. In this case, the generic horological term ‘regulator’ appears.

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  1. Hello: I have close to the same as this, only my face has Roman numerals instead of numbers. It works perfectly, except it doesn’t read REGULATOR on the front. I love my clock. How much would it be worth, if I were to sell it? It was my grandparents I believe it is circa 1918. Pattern Crane.

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