Wall Clock: Ansonia Oak Regulator. ca 1890.

This wall clock has a case that is in exceptional condition. Ansonia wall clocks are not common in our collection, but this common design is likeable. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the movement. When I first wound the clock , I was surprised to find that it worked, but the chiming was very erratic. Upon inspection, I found that the movement had been modified and the count wheel had been removed and replaced with a strange wheel with pins added that activated the striking hammer.

Ansonia Oak Regulator Wall Clock. ca 1890.

Ansonia Oak Regulator Wall Clock B. ca 1890.




I compared the movement to an identical ‘original’ movement and I can only conclude that someone has attempted to either convert this clock into some kind of alarm clock (and failed) or to repair the strike train (and failed). The time train runs fine.

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