Vintage Junghans Clock. 8 Day Time & Strike. ca. 1950-60

I was attracted to the unusual design of this vintage Junghans clock.

vintage junghans clock

vintage junghans clock

As you can see, the pendulum is not correct. The original  pendulum would most likely have a black cast iron bob and be about  12 inches longer. As such, with the current pendulum, the clock runs fast.

Too Little Time

Ironically, for an amateur horologist, but there is simply too little time at present for all the projects I have lined up. I think all other hobby machinists could relate. This will be a simple fix at a later date . . . Too many projects ahead of this one for now! The plan would be to test other pendulums from the pendulum draw or to machine one.

Junghans is a German outfit, noted today for  their watches.

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