Vienna Regulator. Viennese Wall Clock. Ca. 1860

This clock is a time only Vienna Regulator (Vienna wall clock or Viennese wall clock in the U.K.)

Viennese Wall Clock Vienna Regulator

Lots of work to do on this one…way more that I thought when I purchased it.

The case needs to be reworked as sometime down the line attempts at resotration have been poorly done. The door hinges are not original, nor are they remotely similar to the originals. The joints are badly glued or screwed together… You get the picture.

The movement also had a major problem. When I inspected it, I found that the click spring was broken, not a particularly bad problem with most clocks. However, with this one, the click spring is part of the winding barrel assembly. A new click spring was not an option.

I had to decide whether to a) attempt to repair the existing broken spring; or B) modify the original assembly and add a new spring at another location (but space was limited to do this). I decided to go forward with plan A, thinking that if it went wrong I could always fall back on plan B.

I started by cutting a small slither of brass from stock and basically filing it into the proper bowed shape. Then, I soft-soldered it in place and finished filing it to fit. All these repairs were done using only a small vice and needle files. The results are quite sufficient.

We have a supplemental post with further commentary on this project.

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