UPDATE: Gledhill Brook Time Recorder Restoration. Punch the Clock!

gledhill brook time recorderThe cabinet and movement of this Gledhill Brook Time Recorder are now finished and the movement is back in place.

Next Steps

The next step is to dismantle the Time Recorder mechanism, clean and reassemble. This part is by far the brunt of the work because there is so much rust and oxidation.

Dismantling and reassembling these punch mechanisms can be challenging as I have never found any literature or assembly diagrams. I rely solely on digital photos to document the assembly before I take anything apart. There are so many parts that it would be almost impossible to reassemble without a reference.

I purchased this clock from a gentleman that had several time recorders. Each one was broken down into parts and the pieces were all mixed up in boxes. As you can imagine, it was a nightmare to find all the parts for this one.

I am missing the hands, pendulum. I was able to find a contact in the UK that was willing to sell me those parts. Currently, I am waiting for the shipment to arrive.

gledhill brook time recorder

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