UPDATE: Dutch Warmink skeleton clock project

Here’s an update on my Dutch Warmink skeleton clock project.

dutch warmink skeleton clock

dutch Warmink Skeleton Clock

This one is now assembled and the pendulum leader was fabricated from two 5 inch Hermel leaders cut and soldered together. I have determined the leader length. However, I was disappointed to find that this is only a 30 hour movement.

In retrospect, I should have guessed this with only three wheels in the train! I am not satisfied with my leader fabrication because the pendulum has a ‘kick’ at the end of each swing arc (impulse).

It is quite a robust clock, currently rope is the material used as weight ‘chain’. We will ultimately have it hanging in our sun room where the elements are mitigated, but not fully contained. That’s how much faith I have in the durability of this warmink.

I will continue to improve the design…to be continued.

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