UPDATE: Dutch Warmink skeleton clock project

Here’s an update on my Dutch Warmink skeleton clock project.

dutch warmink skeleton clock

dutch Warmink Skeleton Clock

This one is now assembled and the pendulum leader was fabricated from two 5 inch Hermel leaders cut and soldered together. I have determined the leader length. However, I was disappointed to find that this is only a 30 hour movement.

In retrospect, I should have guessed this with only three wheels in the train! I am not satisfied with my leader fabrication because the pendulum has a ‘kick’ at the end of each swing arc (impulse).

It is quite a robust clock, currently rope is the material used as weight ‘chain’. We will ultimately have it hanging in our sun room where the elements are mitigated, but not fully contained. That’s how much faith I have in the durability of this warmink.

I will continue to improve the design…to be continued.

5 responses to “UPDATE: Dutch Warmink skeleton clock project

  1. I do lve the look of this clock. did you ever manage to “improve the design”? Do you sell your clocks?

  2. WAW what a very beautiful clock! If you ever think to sell thiss clock, please let me know, or if you find anything like this.
    Keep on the good work.

    Kind regards,


  3. Very unique. I’m looking for a skeleton wall clock. Any out of the ordinary links you can direct me to? Thanks and very impressive work.

  4. Eurico Ribeiro

    Thanks for the oportunity. If you please or anybody, could tell me the measures of the weights and the size of the pendulum. I have aquired one of the kind but the antique shop miss everything else…



  5. Brett Payne-Rhodes

    Six years on from your original post and I think this is still the most relevant note that I have found about Dutch Skeleton Clocks. On the off chance that you are still monitoring replies here… I have bought a clock identical to the one in the photo. The only issue I have is that the pendulum leader (?) is missing and also the attachment mechanism. The clock will actually run without the pendulum, albeit very, very fast. If possible would be able to provide a little more detail regarding those items and how you were able to make them for your clock.

    Many thanks!

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