Tameside Fusee Clock.

I recently purchased a quite rare, older fusee wall clock from a National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors (NAWCC) mart. It is a Tameside fusee clock. (I have previously written about this clock in this post: Fusee II – Electric Bugaloo.)

Tameside Fusee Clock

Celebrity Clock

This particular clock was featured in a NAWCC bulletin a couple of years ago. The clock was in desperate need of restoration as it did not appear to have run in many years.  The face was acceptable. The movement, on the other hand, needed a complete restoration. I renewed several bushings and drew out the escapement wheel teeth.

Additionally, I replaced the main spring and winding cord, and polished the pallets etc. The pendulum was missing. I was able to do some research and find a photo of the original hexagonal shaped pendulum. I manufactured a similar type from brass bar stock.


By some accounts, Tameside was regarded a lesser quality movement. After working on this one, I disagree with this estimation. A bit of a clean and polish and the movement looks like new again!


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