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Dutch Zaanse Zaandam clock

Dutch Zaandam clock with hand painted face and moon phase dial.

Zaandam clock


Moon phase clocks work the same as calendar clocks except instead of showing the date, a picture indicating the phases of the moon is displayed. This feature is seen mostly on grandfather clocks.

Zaandam Face

I particularly like the painted face on this clock. The figures on top are typical of this style of Dutch clock. This is an eight day time and strike. It strikes a bell as do most Zaandam clocks. One interesting feature of this clock is that you can remove the lower case that houses the pendulum and display the clock with the pendulum showing. This significantly alters the appearance of the clock.

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Dutch Zaanse (Zaandam) style clock.

From my Dutch collection.

Dutch Zaanse

Dutch Zaanse

This is an eight day time and strike with moon phase dial. Zaandam clocks come in several styles. All are distinctively recognizable once you have seen a few of them. I have collected some and sold many. There are few genuine antique specimens available these days. However, there are many vintage clocks around.

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