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Waterbury Steeple clock. American mantel clock. 1890s.

Specimens such as this Waterbury Steeple clock are very collectible clocks.

Waterbury Steeple clock 1890’s

Waterbury Steeple clock 1890’s

Steeple clocks come in several sizes and some are very elaborate in their design; this one is a very basic design. Overall this clock is in excellent condition. It has a 30 hour, time-and-strike movement.

Waterbury Clock Company

Waterbury was an American company, out of Connecticut. It would be merged with other clock companies, and the group would eventually become Timex.

The monochromatic decorative inlay on the glass is, thankfully, more subtle than is sometimes found. You may have determined by now, we are not fans of painted glass on clock cases.

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Waterbury shelf clock. 1880’s.

This is a small Waterbury shelf clock that runs with an 8 day time and strike movement.

Waterbury shelf clock

Waterbury Mantel clock

This clock will require some bushing work on a couple of elongated pivot holes. A task I will get around to one day.

Rating Adjustment

This clock has a rating adjustment that can be adjusted from a small keyhole at the top of the face. The pendulum is obviously not the original one because it, too, has a rating adjustment screw that is redundant in a clock such as this.

This is an American clock, yet another Connecticut company from the nineteenth century.

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