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It’s Life’s Simple Pleasures – Fusee English Wall Clock

Sometimes, it’s the simplest clocks that bring the most pleasure. This fusee English wall clock hangs in our kitchen and is a precise time keeper. No clues as to its origins, but it’s fusee through and through.

Fusee English Wall Clock

This dial came to us in perfect condition. Never recondition original parts, even dials, if they arrive to you this way. However, faces often suffer the most  over the years and if you find one that is so flaked as to be unreadable, there are professional restorers who can help you out.

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Fusee Mania II – Electric Boogaloo

Thomas Armstrong & Brother Fusee Gallery ClockI particularly like it when we come across clocks that still contain on their dials the names of the establishments in which they hung. This fusee gallery clock is labeled Thomas Armstrong & Brother, a respected maker of scientific instruments based in Manchester, UK, founded in the nineteenth century.

Eventually, the firm began making optical equipment and in 1877 the company was officially appointed as the opticians to the Manchester Royal Eye Hospital based on Oxford Road. (source)

An English firm making premier instruments utilizing an English clock to tell time. A lovely memory of a time no longer with us.

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Self Winding Clock Ca 1900

Well, this self winding electro-mechanical clock was certainly a learning experience when it came to the disassembly and rebuild of the movement. I have very little experience with electro mechanical clocks. I had to do some serious research before diving into this one. As far as ‘time only’ clocks, this is by far the most complex that I have in my collection.
Self Winding Clock

Magnetic Impulse Motor

Self Winding ClockThe entire movement was designed around the magnetic impulse motor that engages every hour to wind a small main spring. In addition to the motor, there is a ‘solenoid’ to the top right of the movement which would have, at one time,  received a signal via telegraph which would have been used to  synchronize the time. The solenoid punches a lever down on a cam on the motion works that would move the hour hand to 12:00 every day.

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Kundo 400 day Torsion pendulum clock

My one and only Kundo 400 day Torsion pendulum clock.

Kundo 400 day Torsion pendulum clock

Kundo 400 day Torsion pendulum clock

400 Day Spring

Greatly understated in the clock collector world, only the few larger 6 pillar examples are really collectable. These clocks are a great way to start your collection on a limited budget.

In my opinion, they are extremely well engineered and quite ingenious!

The movements are fine; the concept is one of the best. No other spring wound clock can run for over a year with one single winding.  With all this said they are widely regarded as a ‘novelty clock’ amongst horologists.

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Dutch Wall Clocks

A collection of three (3) Dutch wall clocks.

Here are three classic designs of Dutch clocks. Dutch clocks are very distinctive. Zaandam is one of the more favored among collectors.

Painted Face of Dutch Wall Clock Dutch Wall Clocks

Painted Face of Dutch Wall Clock

The examples I have are not antique. However, these clocks have a long history and some of the antique pieces are very desirable to collectors. As one can see, they are quite ornate. I have seen many at auction that are in need of repair. Be warned, the replacement parts for these clocks are very expensive.

The three clocks shown are all weight driven, eight-day, chime and strike. Most Dutch clocks strike the chimes on a bell as do these examples.

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