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Gustav Becker Wall Clock. Two-weight. 1800’s.

A two-weight Gustav Becker  wall clock with an engraved face and pendulum.

Gustav Becker Wall Clock

Gustav Becker, Two Weight. 1800’s.


The weights are replacements, but aren’t they lovely? That’s one thing about being a clock collector and repairman: you end up with a lot of extra parts. When it comes to gears and springs, that’s no big deal. Even pendulums, you can find a long draw for. But weights – Heavens to Betsy! Weights are, well – duh! – heavy!

Unusual Chime

This clock is a little unusual in that it strikes the hours on a ‘chime rod’ as opposed to a coil gong which was typically used on this type of Vienna wall clock.

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My Vienna Regulator Repair Project Clock.

For this Vienna Regulator Repair project, I married these two (movement & case) up to make this clock.

My Vienna Regulator Repair Project Clock

My Vienna Regulator Project Clock

It’s my second project clock. The first was an old case with new movement. Although the case in this clock is relatively new, I think the marriage is perfect. The face size and pendulum length and swing couldn’t be better. Eight day. movement.

Vienna Regulator Collection

View the other clocks we own of this ilk:

Vienna Regulator Wall Style Clock Dachluhr Vienna Regulator A Three-Weight Vienna Regulator

Vienna Regulator. Viennese Wall Clock. Ca. 1860

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A three weight Vienna Regulator

My finest Vienna Regulator.  A three weight Vienna Regulator dating from approximately 1870.

Three Weight Vienna Regulator

Three Weight Vienna Regulator

This clock has ‘Grand Sonnerie’ striking. It first chimes the quarter, then the hour. For example, at 6:30, it chimes twice on the quarter then 6 times on the hour. At 9:00, it strikes 4 times on the quarter then nine times on the hour. This feature is also known as blind man’s clock.

The three weights drive the two striking trains and the time train.

I never run this clock for more than a day because the chiming could drive me insane and all the Vienna regulators I own have a very ‘tinny’ sounding chime! Vienna regulators are some of the most beautiful clocks to collect. However, they are also the worst sounding clocks…..the ‘Grand Sonnerie’ is not so grand!!

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Two Weight Vienna Regulator

A Two Weight Vienna Regulator with a second hand. Late 1800’s. As we’ve mentioned before, we are well-aware that these are not referred to as Vienna Regulators in Europe.

Two Weight Vienna Regulator

Two Weight Vienna Regulator

No markings on the movement. I don’t think the weights on this one are original and the case crown may be a replacement. I need to get around to stripping and cleaning the movement on this clock, the weight cords need to be replaced. The original material would have been made of cat gut. My cat is very nervous at the moment!!

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Vienna Regulator. Viennese Wall Clock. Ca. 1860

This clock is a time only Vienna Regulator (Vienna wall clock or Viennese wall clock in the U.K.)

Viennese Wall Clock Vienna Regulator

Lots of work to do on this one…way more that I thought when I purchased it.

The case needs to be reworked as sometime down the line attempts at resotration have been poorly done. The door hinges are not original, nor are they remotely similar to the originals. The joints are badly glued or screwed together… You get the picture.

The movement also had a major problem. When I inspected it, I found that the click spring was broken, not a particularly bad problem with most clocks. However, with this one, the click spring is part of the winding barrel assembly. A new click spring was not an option.

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