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French Vedette Clock. 1920’s.

French Vedette clock or box clock.

French Vedette Clock. 1920’s.

French Vedette Box Clock. 1920’s.

I have two clocks of this type in my collection. They are both well-made clocks with high quality robust movements. These are not the most attractive clocks to collect. However, they are, by far, two of the best sounding chiming clocks in my collection. They both have the best quality chime rods and when the hammers are set at optimum height the chime and strike sound quality is very good indeed.

Repairing Vedette Clock Springs

I recall that one of the mainsprings had broken on this clock and upon disassembly, I found that the spring had broken at the ‘hole-end’ about 3 inches from the end. As such, I was able to salvage the spring by un-tempering the end and re-fabricating a new hole. Then, after cleaning and oiling, I could refit the original spring.

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