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Simplex Time Recorder. 1920’s. Lightweight Time Recorder.

A nice, clean Simplex Time Recorder.

Simplex Time Recorder. 1920’s.

Simplex Time Recorder. 1920’s.

The first time recorder I added to my collection. This is the smallest of my punch clocks. At 40 lbs., this is a lightweight, considering the fact that some of my other punch clocks weigh-in at almost 90 lbs. Mind you, I have never hung a time recorder on the wall!!

Relationship Building

One reason we love time recorders so much is because of the daily personal relationships we like to imagine hundreds of employees having had with these machines once upon a time. A child can have a fond memory of laying on their grandparents’ living room floor listening to the rhythmic tick tock of a mantel clock and feeling peace. A wife can remember the long, slow gong of the grandfather clock in the hallway the moment she received news on the telephone of her husband’s passing.

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Synchromatic Time Recorder (Stockhall Marples)

This Synchromatic Time Recorder (mid 1800’s) is my favorite time recorder. I have a background in engineering along with some machine shop experience.  I appreciate well engineered mechanisms. All my favorite clocks are large, well engineered clocks. As such, time recorders are probably my favorite type of clock.

Synchromatic Time Recorder

Synchromatic Time Recorder

Huge Movement

I love the huge movements installed in these machines and the time recording mechanisms are always intriguing. I have yet to find one that disappoints. The downside is that they are not always the most attractive clocks to have on display in the home.

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As some of you who visit our site regularly may have noticed, our Gledhill Brook Time Recorder posts have received far and away more traffic, questions, and queries than any posts about any of our other clocks. We, therefore, felt there was call for a site dedicated exclusively to these timepieces. So, we have created a sort of Gledhill Brook fan site.

A Gledhill Brook Fan Site

GledhillBrook.Com is an infant right now, but we hope to continually add to it, both as we ourselves do more research and as we recieve information from other GB lovers around the world.

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Gledhill Brook Time Recorder Restoration or What to do with a Clock in a Box

gledhill brook time recorder restorationWe have a  Gledhill Brook Time Recorder restoration which was actually purchased as a box of parts and a case. Most of the clock appears to be complete with the exception of the hands and a few small parts that I will be able to fabricate. Fortunately, I have a complete Gledhill Brook clock from which to work.

Rolls Royce of Time Recorders

As I’ve stated in a previous post, if one ever has an opportunity to work on one of these clocks you will soon realize why they are regarded as the ‘Rolls Royce’ of time recorders. Huge chain fusee movements fitted with Harrison maintaining power.

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CONCLUSION: Finishing up Simplex Time Recorder

After concluding the repairs and reassembly to the punch part, I had simply to wait while The Dial House, expert restorers out of Dallas, Georgia, worked their magic on this Simplex time recorder dial.

Simplex Time Recorder dial

And what an incredible job Marth Smallwood and her staff have done. See for yourself:

Simplex Time Recorder face before and after

See the previous posts about this project:

Time recorders are some of our favorite clocks. Check out our category page for other units in our collection. The movements for these clocks tend to be larger and easier to work on, a factor a watch repairman would scoff at, perhaps, but to each his own.

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Simplex Time Recorder. ca. 1900. American Punch Clock.

This is a very nice example of an early Simplex Time Recorder (Punch Clock).

I am in the process of a restoration on this clock. The job will not involve much work to the cabinet. As the case is in reasonable condition, refinishing will not be required. The movement and time recording mechanism will take most of my attention.

As you can see by the photos, the face is in bad condition. This is one part of clock work that has to be done by a specialist, in this case the dial has been sent to The Dial House  in Georgia.

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Top Half Gledhill Brook Time Recorder. 1920’s.

This is the Top Half Gledhill Brook Time Recorder is the first time recorder I ever purchased.

Top Half Gledhill Brook

I knew nothing about time recorders, so I thought I was buying a wall clock. At some point in time, someone has cut the base off which contained the time recording mechanism.

1/2 Gledhill Brook labelI have an original (intact) example of one of these clocks in my collection. They are fitted with a very high quality, massive ‘Fusee’ movement. Gledhill Brook unquestionably fitted their clocks with the best movements of any time recorder manufacturer in the world.

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International Time Recorder. Early 1900’s.

I acquired this clock knowing that it wasn’t original or complete.

International Time Recorder

International Time Recorder

I occasionally like to have projects like this if the clock has potential. In this case, the face had been replaced with a paper lay-over. I don’t think this clock would have had the ‘Regulator’ logo on the glass. However, I decided to leave it because it looks all right and I’m not too concerned about bringing this one back to its original state.

International Time Recorder advertisement

International Time Recorder advertisement

There is part of the time recorder mechanism missing and the bevel gear is also missing from the movement which would have rotated the connecting rod (also missing) that should connect to the time recorder. I will probably not go much further with this restoration and enjoy the clock as a time piece only.

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Leeds Time Recorder. 1940-50.

We refer to this as the Leeds time recorder. It’s a lovely vintage Time Recorder, all original by Time Recorders (Leeds) Ltd. It probably dates from the 1940s.

Leeds Time Recorder

Leeds Ltd. Time Recorder

This one must have been made toward the end of the era for mechanical, spring-driven punch clocks. This machine came to me in very good overall condition and required only a good cleaning.

I did dismantle the movement for cleaning and some of the Time Recording mechanism.

leedsmovementAs you can see, this machine requires the employee to sign a signature pad that has a role of paper that advances after the lever on the side is pulled. The recorder will print the time under the employee’s signature.

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Gledhill Brook Fusee Time Recorder. 1940s.

Gledhill Brooks Time Recorder. 1930.

Gledhill Brooks Time Recorder. 1930.

This was a complete case and movement restoration. It is a Gledhill Brook Time Recorder clock with Empire fusée movement . (Simplex, Ltd., bought out Gledhill Brook in 1964). It’s made in England. I have completed everything except the face

newgledhill2 which will have to be sent for restoration by a professional. Gledhill Brooks are widely regarded as the finest Time Recorders built and the only Company to fit their machines with ‘Fusee’ clock movements.

They were all of eight day duration and very good time keepers. The recorder mechanism in this one is in perfect working condition. I recall having to fabricate one of the control rods that connect the clock movement to the time recorder unit.

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