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Thomas Tompion Clock at Royal Observatory, Greenwich, London

A real Thomas Tompion clock!

royal observatory greenwich

Thomas Tompion clock in octagon room at Greenwich

Father of English Horology

Thomas Tompion  (b. 1639 – d. 1713), the ‘father of English watchmaking’, was the best maker of the day and supplied the original Royal Observatory clocks in 1676. He was also the first maker, of any product, to give his items unique serial numbers, a practice common today.

Tompion Clocks at Greenwich

Now, this beautiful Tompion specimen is located in the Octagon Room of the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, London. Incidently, English horology files, this room was also used as set in Longitude, the scenes where they giving audience to the various theories of the time on how to calculate longitude at sea. Stephen Fry has a particularly memorable scene featuring a wounded dog.

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The Pump Room clock by Thomas Tompion. Bath, England.

No trip to the UK would be complete without seeing an original Thomas Tompion specimen. The Pump Room clock  in Bath.

Pump Room clock

Tompion clock in The Pump Room

Thomas Tompion (1639–1713) was an English master clockmaker and watchmaker known today as the father of English clockmaking. His work includes some of the most important clocks and watches in the world. This famous clock is located in the restaurant, The Pump Room, at the Roman baths.

Make it a Day Trip

If you get a chance to visit, allow enough time to walk across the plaza and take a tour of the Bath Abbey tower clock.

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