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Self Winding Clock Ca 1900

Well, this self winding electro-mechanical clock was certainly a learning experience when it came to the disassembly and rebuild of the movement. I have very little experience with electro mechanical clocks. I had to do some serious research before diving into this one. As far as ‘time only’ clocks, this is by far the most complex that I have in my collection.
Self Winding Clock

Magnetic Impulse Motor

Self Winding ClockThe entire movement was designed around the magnetic impulse motor that engages every hour to wind a small main spring. In addition to the motor, there is a ‘solenoid’ to the top right of the movement which would have, at one time,  received a signal via telegraph which would have been used to  synchronize the time. The solenoid punches a lever down on a cam on the motion works that would move the hour hand to 12:00 every day.

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