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Morbier Grandfather clock

This Morbier grandfather clock is one of my favorites.

A French Morbier Grandfather clock

A French Morbier Grandfather clock

Morbier Comtoise

I always wanted a Morbier clock in my collection. However, the cases that I saw on most Morbiers were so deteriorated that they were unreasonable. The solution was clear to me when I came upon this Dutch made clock.

Dutch Made

This clock was made in Holland by a small company that manufactures handmade Morbier clocks. This one is not old…..Vintage at best. This was the perfect solution for me. I have a vintage clock with a solid oak case. The real appeal to me is the movement. It is like a miniature ‘tower clock’ movement,  over-engineered and as accurate as my jewelers regulator….I love it!

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French Morbier Comtoise Grandfather Clock. ca 1850/60. (movement and face only)

This Morbier Comtoise Grandfather Clock is obviously a marriage of an original Comtoise Morbier movement and a newer hand crafted case. I purchased this clock mainly for the case. Which is exceptionally well crafted.  It appears to be a handmade case of the highest quality.Morbier Comtoise Grandfather Clock

The movement was fitted with a single bob pendulum that was also fashioned specifically for this case.

When I inspected the movement I noticed upon attempting to wind the clock that the winding arbor on the time train side would spin without engaging the ratchet wheel and the weight would not raise.

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