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Junghans Mantel Clock with Westminster Chime 1. Ca 1900-10.

This is a large, lovely Junghans mantel clock with Westminster Chime.

 Junghans Mantel clock with Westminster Chime

Junghans Mantel Clock.

 Junghans Mantel clock with Westminster Chime

Junghans is an Austrian company that manufactured clocks from 1861 to 1922. This clock is a later example. Junghans is a fairly well-respected name.

Balance Wheels

This one has a pendulum movement; I have seen later Junghans clocks with ‘Balance Wheel’ escapements. I assume they must have been made toward the end of the company’s existence. The examples of Balance Wheel movements that I have seen appeared to be of lesser quality than the pendulum movements. As such, I have avoided collecting them.

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Waterbury Steeple clock. American mantel clock. 1890s.

Specimens such as this Waterbury Steeple clock are very collectible clocks.

Waterbury Steeple clock 1890’s

Waterbury Steeple clock 1890’s

Steeple clocks come in several sizes and some are very elaborate in their design; this one is a very basic design. Overall this clock is in excellent condition. It has a 30 hour, time-and-strike movement.

Waterbury Clock Company

Waterbury was an American company, out of Connecticut. It would be merged with other clock companies, and the group would eventually become Timex.

The monochromatic decorative inlay on the glass is, thankfully, more subtle than is sometimes found. You may have determined by now, we are not fans of painted glass on clock cases.

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Gilbert mantel clock. Differing Strike Mechanisms. 1880’s.

This is a Gilbert mantel clock with oak case.

Gilbert Mantel Clock
Gilbert mantel clock 1880’s

Gilbert mantle clock 1880’s

Bell and Gong

This is an unusual movement in that the clock strikes the half hour on a bell and strikes the hour on a coil gong. I do not have another clock in my collection that strikes in this way.

Pie Crust Design

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French Mantel Clock. 1800’s.

This is a French mantel clock.

French Mantel Clock. 1800's.

French Mantel Clock. 1800’s.

I purchased this one only to find out it wasn’t what it appeared to be……

You will notice that there is a black plate just underneath the two winding arbors on the face. This plate covers the two ‘original’ winding arbor holes. A previous clock repairman had replaced the movement with one that did not match the winding arbor holes and drilled two others.

I believe the case and the face are both original. The movement is a small round bell strike French movement that has been attached directly to the solid brass face plate with posts and taper pins. I recall dismantling the movement.  It was very well manufactured, typical of  fine quality French clocks. (As a matter of fact, this particular movement actually had bronze plates.) The previous repairmen had actually done a great job replacing the movement. As such, I decided to keep the clock in my collection.

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Junghans Mantel clock. Bim Bam Clock. Ca 1930.

‘Bim-Bam’ striking Junghans Mantel clock. 8 day.

Junghans Mantel clock

The clock was very clean when I received it except that some grease or oil had hardened around a couple of the time train pivots causing the clock to stop intermittently.


Junghans Mantel clockI recall feeling particularly lazy on the day I repaired this clock not wanting to do any more than the bare minimum to get the thing working. I dropped both the mainspring barrels out (easy on these newer designs) and pulled the plates apart just enough to clean the time train wheel pivots without disturbing the Strike side.

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German Hamburg Uhrenfabrik Clock Company Ca. 1920

To maintain this German Hamburg Uhrenfabrik Clock Company clock, the movement of was cleaned, the spring barrels were removed and the springs were taken out for cleaning and re-oiling. There is an unusual hammer set-up on this clock.  Note how the striking hammers are suspended below the movement and connected with chains. The clock has an eight-day Westminster chime.German Hamburg Uhrenfabrik Clock Company

Uhrenfabrick Movement

The movement was quite a challenge to remove from the case. As you can see, there is not much wiggle room once it is nestled in the case.  I recall having to fit the hammer assembly after the movement was in place.

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Two mantel clocks. Unknown makers. ca1920-40

Many goods manufactured outside the UK in a simpler time were marked as ‘Foreign.’ These two mantel clocks have movements that were most likely made in a western European country and shipped to the UK where they were fitted into cases manufactured in the UK by the distributor.

From Whence Do You Come?

Two Mantel Clocks

At left top, you see the only triple chime clock in my collection.  Not a particularly grand example but the chimes are definitely a refreshing change after hearing Westminster on the majority of my chiming clocks. The clock has options for Westminster, St. Michaels, & Whittington Chimes…
Two Mantel Clocks

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Junghans Parlor clock Ca 1900

This Junghans parlor clock is large!

Junghans parlor clock

These clocks were made in two or three styles and the movement was used in several styles of Junghans clocks. This junghans parlor clockclock has two small dials at the top of the face for ‘silent & chime’ and ‘fast & slow’ adjustment.

The fast and slow adjustment is achieved by a cam that is attached to the back of the ‘fast & slow’ hand. When turned the cam pushes against a lever that raises or lowers the pendulum suspension spring thus raising and lowering the pendulum itself.

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Walnut Junghans Westminster Chime Mantel Clock 2. Ca. 1900.

A large, walnut Junghans Westminster Chime Mantel Clock.walnut Junghans Westminster Chime mantel clock
It is typically good Junghans quality. I have done little to this clock other than some cosmetics and oiling. Junghans Westminster Chime mantel clock
The large clock body offers a big sound board upon which the chime rod housing is mounted. Without seeing this clock one would think it was a grandfather clock chiming….very cool!

Westminster Chimes

Westminster Chime clocks are hard to live with as they chime on every quarter. I can only have one of these running in my home for a few days before I have to put it away. I much prefer the time and strike clocks for everyday practical use.

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German FMS Mantel Clock. c.1900

 A very large German FMS Mantel Clock.

German FMS Mantel Clock

This one is a little unusual in that one can see the pendulum through the beveled glass window in the front of the clock.

Time and strike movement is of reasonable quality. I like the large sound of these strike-only clocks. Good rule of thumb: the larger the case, the better they sound. This one has a very high quality gong.

German FMS Mantel Clock

I completely stripped the movement on this one to clean and rebuild it. The springs were excessively dirty because someone had packed the spring barrels with grease which had hardened over the years.

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