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Junghans Mantel clock. Bim Bam Clock. Ca 1930.

‘Bim-Bam’ striking Junghans Mantel clock. 8 day.

Junghans Mantel clock

The clock was very clean when I received it except that some grease or oil had hardened around a couple of the time train pivots causing the clock to stop intermittently.


Junghans Mantel clockI recall feeling particularly lazy on the day I repaired this clock not wanting to do any more than the bare minimum to get the thing working. I dropped both the mainspring barrels out (easy on these newer designs) and pulled the plates apart just enough to clean the time train wheel pivots without disturbing the Strike side.

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Vintage Junghans Clock. 8 Day Time & Strike. ca. 1950-60

I was attracted to the unusual design of this vintage Junghans clock.

vintage junghans clock

vintage junghans clock

As you can see, the pendulum is not correct. The original  pendulum would most likely have a black cast iron bob and be about  12 inches longer. As such, with the current pendulum, the clock runs fast.

Too Little Time

Ironically, for an amateur horologist, but there is simply too little time at present for all the projects I have lined up. I think all other hobby machinists could relate. This will be a simple fix at a later date . . . Too many projects ahead of this one for now! The plan would be to test other pendulums from the pendulum draw or to machine one.

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Junghans Parlor clock Ca 1900

This Junghans parlor clock is large!

Junghans parlor clock

These clocks were made in two or three styles and the movement was used in several styles of Junghans clocks. This junghans parlor clockclock has two small dials at the top of the face for ‘silent & chime’ and ‘fast & slow’ adjustment.

The fast and slow adjustment is achieved by a cam that is attached to the back of the ‘fast & slow’ hand. When turned the cam pushes against a lever that raises or lowers the pendulum suspension spring thus raising and lowering the pendulum itself.

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Walnut Junghans Westminster Chime Mantel Clock 2. Ca. 1900.

A large, walnut Junghans Westminster Chime Mantel Clock.walnut Junghans Westminster Chime mantel clock
It is typically good Junghans quality. I have done little to this clock other than some cosmetics and oiling. Junghans Westminster Chime mantel clock
The large clock body offers a big sound board upon which the chime rod housing is mounted. Without seeing this clock one would think it was a grandfather clock chiming….very cool!

Westminster Chimes

Westminster Chime clocks are hard to live with as they chime on every quarter. I can only have one of these running in my home for a few days before I have to put it away. I much prefer the time and strike clocks for everyday practical use.

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Junghans ‘Wag-on-Wall’ Wall Clock. ca 1900. Austrian.

A very high quality Junghans wag on wall clock. The movement is of the high end from Junghans. Notice the polished plates and fine machine work.

I have several Junghans clocks in my collection; none are as nice as this example. The clock chimes a single note on two chime rods at the quarter hour and chimes a Westminster on the hour. This is the only quarter hour chiming clock that I could bear live with if I were to run it continually.

I did some restoration work to clean up the case, but nothing so important enough as to note. Rarely, as I’ve found so far, do I need to do much work on Junghans cases. Thankfully, previous owners of my specimens have understood what treasures they are and taken very good care of them.

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