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Morbier movement – A Modern Dutch Classic

One of my favorite clocks is a modern Morbier. I love the Morbier movement. I first featured it in this entry:  http://duetime.wordpress.com/morbier-grandfather-clock/.  This newer movement is practically identical in design to the early Morbiers. This simple clock is a design classic in my opinion. I think of it as the VW of clocks, a clock for the people.

This clock was made in Holland by a small company that manufactures handmade Morbier clocks. This one is not old…..Vintage at best. This was the perfect solution for me. I have a vintage clock with a solid oak case. The real appeal to me is the movement. It is like a miniature ‘tower clock’ movement,  over-engineered and as accurate as my jewelers regulator….I love it!

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