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Morbier Grandfather clock

This Morbier grandfather clock is one of my favorites.

A French Morbier Grandfather clock

A French Morbier Grandfather clock

Morbier Comtoise

I always wanted a Morbier clock in my collection. However, the cases that I saw on most Morbiers were so deteriorated that they were unreasonable. The solution was clear to me when I came upon this Dutch made clock.

Dutch Made

This clock was made in Holland by a small company that manufactures handmade Morbier clocks. This one is not old…..Vintage at best. This was the perfect solution for me. I have a vintage clock with a solid oak case. The real appeal to me is the movement. It is like a miniature ‘tower clock’ movement,  over-engineered and as accurate as my jewelers regulator….I love it!

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Tall Case Clock Endless Chain Movement

This is an unusual 8-day endless chain tall case clock.

Tall case

Unusual in that most endless chain / rope clocks are 30 hour movements.

Mary movementThe movement looks to have been handmade and not manufactured professionally. The construction is similar to a Morbier movement except, in this case, both time and strike trains are lined up one behind the other. This enables them each to use the same chain to power both trains. As such, there is only one weight used on one continuous chain.

The clock’s case is exceptionally robust, made of solid oak and weighs as much as it looks.

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French Morbier (Comtoise) Clock ca 1860

French Morbier (Comtoise) Clock. ca 1860.

This clock was a restoration, I have included before and after photos. I cleaned the movement and made some minor repairs.

Upon inspection, I noticed that the fly had been soldered to the fly pinion.

Before movement restoration

Before movement restoration

The fly must rotate on its shaft with only the drag produced by the fly spring. This is very important because if the fly does not spin when the strike cycle stops, the momentum created by the fly could shear off the gathering pallet. This was a fact that I learnt when working on this clock (thanks Jim!).

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