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Morbier Grandfather clock

This Morbier grandfather clock is one of my favorites.

A French Morbier Grandfather clock

A French Morbier Grandfather clock

Morbier Comtoise

I always wanted a Morbier clock in my collection. However, the cases that I saw on most Morbiers were so deteriorated that they were unreasonable. The solution was clear to me when I came upon this Dutch made clock.

Dutch Made

This clock was made in Holland by a small company that manufactures handmade Morbier clocks. This one is not old…..Vintage at best. This was the perfect solution for me. I have a vintage clock with a solid oak case. The real appeal to me is the movement. It is like a miniature ‘tower clock’ movement,  over-engineered and as accurate as my jewelers regulator….I love it!

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Dutch Wall Clocks

A collection of three (3) Dutch wall clocks.

Here are three classic designs of Dutch clocks. Dutch clocks are very distinctive. Zaandam is one of the more favored among collectors.

Painted Face of Dutch Wall Clock Dutch Wall Clocks

Painted Face of Dutch Wall Clock

The examples I have are not antique. However, these clocks have a long history and some of the antique pieces are very desirable to collectors. As one can see, they are quite ornate. I have seen many at auction that are in need of repair. Be warned, the replacement parts for these clocks are very expensive.

The three clocks shown are all weight driven, eight-day, chime and strike. Most Dutch clocks strike the chimes on a bell as do these examples.

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Dutch Zaanse (Zaandam) style clock.

From my Dutch collection.

Dutch Zaanse

Dutch Zaanse

This is an eight day time and strike with moon phase dial. Zaandam clocks come in several styles. All are distinctively recognizable once you have seen a few of them. I have collected some and sold many. There are few genuine antique specimens available these days. However, there are many vintage clocks around.

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