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Dutch Zaanse Zaandam clock

Dutch Zaandam clock with hand painted face and moon phase dial.

Zaandam clock


Moon phase clocks work the same as calendar clocks except instead of showing the date, a picture indicating the phases of the moon is displayed. This feature is seen mostly on grandfather clocks.

Zaandam Face

I particularly like the painted face on this clock. The figures on top are typical of this style of Dutch clock. This is an eight day time and strike. It strikes a bell as do most Zaandam clocks. One interesting feature of this clock is that you can remove the lower case that houses the pendulum and display the clock with the pendulum showing. This significantly alters the appearance of the clock.

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Junghans Mantel Clock with Westminster Chime 1. Ca 1900-10.

This is a large, lovely Junghans mantel clock with Westminster Chime.

 Junghans Mantel clock with Westminster Chime

Junghans Mantel Clock.

 Junghans Mantel clock with Westminster Chime

Junghans is an Austrian company that manufactured clocks from 1861 to 1922. This clock is a later example. Junghans is a fairly well-respected name.

Balance Wheels

This one has a pendulum movement; I have seen later Junghans clocks with ‘Balance Wheel’ escapements. I assume they must have been made toward the end of the company’s existence. The examples of Balance Wheel movements that I have seen appeared to be of lesser quality than the pendulum movements. As such, I have avoided collecting them.

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Store Regulator Calendar Clock. ca 1880.

I’m not sure exactly who made this store regulator calendar clock (possibly Waterbury). I write often that I don’t have many American clocks in my collection, but as I document them, I find I have far more than I realized!

Store Regulator with Calendar. ca 1880.

Store Regulator with Calendar. ca 1880.

I have two calendar clocks in my collection and I am hoping to add a double dial clock to my collection eventually. This clock is in fair condition. It was the first calendar movement I worked on. It is a simple modification driven from the hour tube.

Advertisement Clocks

Many of these clocks have permanent advertisements on the glass, this one has clips around the inside of the glass door indicating that this model used replaceable paper advertisements posted on the inside of the glass….I wish I had some of those old posters.

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Seth Thomas World Clock. ca 1900. 15 day long drop.

This is my Seth Thomas world clock. It is a 15-day long drop clock.

Seth Thomas Long Drop

Seth Thomas Long Drop

The case is rosewood and is in especially good condition. The dial has been professionally restored by ‘The Dial House’. I cleaned the movement, without dismantling it because it appeared to be in good working order.

Some times I will clean open spring clock movements without dismantling them. Perfectionists will never do this because you obviously can’t do a perfect job without taking the movement apart. Sometimes the old adage ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ creeps into my world of horology!

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Gustav Becker Wall Clock. Two-weight. 1800’s.

A two-weight Gustav Becker  wall clock with an engraved face and pendulum.

Gustav Becker Wall Clock

Gustav Becker, Two Weight. 1800’s.


The weights are replacements, but aren’t they lovely? That’s one thing about being a clock collector and repairman: you end up with a lot of extra parts. When it comes to gears and springs, that’s no big deal. Even pendulums, you can find a long draw for. But weights – Heavens to Betsy! Weights are, well – duh! – heavy!

Unusual Chime

This clock is a little unusual in that it strikes the hours on a ‘chime rod’ as opposed to a coil gong which was typically used on this type of Vienna wall clock.

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Wall Clock: Ansonia Oak Regulator. ca 1890.

This wall clock has a case that is in exceptional condition. Ansonia wall clocks are not common in our collection, but this common design is likeable. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the movement. When I first wound the clock , I was surprised to find that it worked, but the chiming was very erratic. Upon inspection, I found that the movement had been modified and the count wheel had been removed and replaced with a strange wheel with pins added that activated the striking hammer.

Ansonia Oak Regulator Wall Clock. ca 1890.

Ansonia Oak Regulator Wall Clock B. ca 1890.

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Waterbury Clock. Store Regulator. Late 1800’s.

I had to replace the face on this Waterbury Clock because the original was beyond repair.

Waterbury Clock. Store Regulator. Late 1800’s.

Waterbury Clock. Store Regulator. Late 1800’s.

I used a paper face replacement. The clock is a typical store advertising clock.

Advertising Clocks

Some of these clocks have product names printed on the glass. These were mass produced clocks. As such, the cases and movements are obviously of a much lesser quality than, say, office or school house regulators.

The term ‘advertising clock’ is not germane to this make and model of clock as advertising clocks have been produced throughout the ages in all shapes and sizes. This is a more traditional store clock that may have some sort of advertising on the class. In this case, the generic horological term ‘regulator’ appears.

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My Vienna Regulator Repair Project Clock.

For this Vienna Regulator Repair project, I married these two (movement & case) up to make this clock.

My Vienna Regulator Repair Project Clock

My Vienna Regulator Project Clock

It’s my second project clock. The first was an old case with new movement. Although the case in this clock is relatively new, I think the marriage is perfect. The face size and pendulum length and swing couldn’t be better. Eight day. movement.

Vienna Regulator Collection

View the other clocks we own of this ilk:

Vienna Regulator Wall Style Clock Dachluhr Vienna Regulator A Three-Weight Vienna Regulator

Vienna Regulator. Viennese Wall Clock. Ca. 1860

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Enfield Boardroom Clock. 1930’s (I think.)

I have researched this Enfield Boardroom Clock extensively and have not been able to come up with very much information on it.

Enfield Boardroom Clock.

Enfield Boardroom Clock.

Enfield was purchased by Smiths; this is well documented. boardroommovementHowever, I have never been able to find out exactly when the name ‘Enfield’ stopped appearing on clocks and ‘Smith Enfield’ was used.

I have not seen another like it. If anyone reading this can enlighten me further I would appreciate the input. I have done very little to this clock other than strip down the movement and clean it.

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French Mantel Clock. 1800’s.

This is a French mantel clock.

French Mantel Clock. 1800's.

French Mantel Clock. 1800’s.

I purchased this one only to find out it wasn’t what it appeared to be……

You will notice that there is a black plate just underneath the two winding arbors on the face. This plate covers the two ‘original’ winding arbor holes. A previous clock repairman had replaced the movement with one that did not match the winding arbor holes and drilled two others.

I believe the case and the face are both original. The movement is a small round bell strike French movement that has been attached directly to the solid brass face plate with posts and taper pins. I recall dismantling the movement.  It was very well manufactured, typical of  fine quality French clocks. (As a matter of fact, this particular movement actually had bronze plates.) The previous repairmen had actually done a great job replacing the movement. As such, I decided to keep the clock in my collection.

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