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Bradley Woodworks World Regulator

When I first saw this Bradley Woodworks clock at a local auction, I passed it up assuming that it was just another Chinese 31 day import of low quality…the ones you must avoid!

Bradley Woodworks World Regulator

However, I soon noticed that it had only one winding arbor and that prompted me to inspect further.

Bradley Woodworks World Regulator I was surprised to find a very high quality reproduction clock from a maker based in Canada, Bradley Woodworks. Needless to say, I ended up purchasing the clock later that evening.

Bradley Woodworks movement
I now have the clock on my living room wall. I have a couple of original Seth Thomas World Regulators and I can say without doubt that the cabinet work on this repro is every bit as good as the originals. With that said, the movement is totally different.  This clock had a time-only 8 day Hermle movement with a main spring contained in a barrel. The originals used a time and strike movement with open main springs. The quality of the newer movement is extremely good.

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