Synchromatic Time Recorder (Stockhall Marples)

This Synchromatic Time Recorder (mid 1800’s) is my favorite time recorder. I have a background in engineering along with some machine shop experience.  I appreciate well engineered mechanisms. All my favorite clocks are large, well engineered clocks. As such, time recorders are probably my favorite type of clock.

Synchromatic Time Recorder

Synchromatic Time Recorder

Huge Movement

I love the huge movements installed in these machines and the time recording mechanisms are always intriguing. I have yet to find one that disappoints. The downside is that they are not always the most attractive clocks to have on display in the home.

This one is an older model. Older model cases tended to be a little more decorative than the examples made in the 1900’s. Some of the later models were still in use up to the 1970’s. However, many had been converted to electric power and subsequently the original movements have been replaced with electric versions.

If you look closely at the photo, you can see where the wood is worn away just above where the time cards were inserted. This clock obviously saw many comings and goings over its years in service.

7 responses to “Synchromatic Time Recorder (Stockhall Marples)

  1. I too collect these clocks. I have no idea why.
    I do not think they are ugly, but my Wife hates them. I have about 30 clocks of this type in various conditions. I have never fully restored one, although I have always wanted to. You have obviously been very busy to complete all that work. To restore just one of these clocks is a major task. Well done you. Kind regards. Andy

  2. I have a Grandmother (?) clock. The face says it’s Syncromatic Electric. I cannot seem to find any other information other than it may be an English company. My father is 73 and his father had this clock before he was born. Do you know where I may be able to get more information?

    Thank you!!

  3. I was very surprised and pleased to see the photo of the Synchromatic as I have one that appears to be of the same design and age. Having not researched this clock before I would be very grateful for any information on the manufacturer and an approximate value.
    Many thanks. Duncan

    • Thank you for visiting our blog!

      I have very little info on this clock. Value depends on your location. They command a higher price in the US than in the UK.
      Typically, I would expect to sell a similar clock in the US between $650 – $1000. Much less in the UK.

  4. I have a sychromatic Ltd Co clock. It just says London-Liverpool. At the top above the face carved in the wood is the number 40. Do you know what this might be? There is something missing from the top. Maybe just a cover or maybe the part that you punch your time card in.

  5. Hi I have one of these for sale if anyone is interested.

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