Store Regulator Calendar Clock. ca 1880.

I’m not sure exactly who made this store regulator calendar clock (possibly Waterbury). I write often that I don’t have many American clocks in my collection, but as I document them, I find I have far more than I realized!

Store Regulator with Calendar. ca 1880.

Store Regulator with Calendar. ca 1880.

I have two calendar clocks in my collection and I am hoping to add a double dial clock to my collection eventually. This clock is in fair condition. It was the first calendar movement I worked on. It is a simple modification driven from the hour tube.

Advertisement Clocks

Many of these clocks have permanent advertisements on the glass, this one has clips around the inside of the glass door indicating that this model used replaceable paper advertisements posted on the inside of the glass….I wish I had some of those old posters.

Calendar clocks (particularly double dials) are very collectable in today’s market.

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  1. Hi, I come across this site by chance and recognise the clock, as I have one similar to it. Is there a way I can send you a picture and you could tell me anything about it?, regards, Phil

  2. I have this very same clock. It was passed down to me. My grandpa acquired it used, in Oklahoma in the early 50’s. No idea where he got it from. He liked to horse trade. The only difference is my paper face has lots of mold on it and I does not have the moon on my face. I was thinking the clock shown above may have a replacement face on it. One other small difference is I have 2 latches on mine ( 1 is missing ). The are located about a fourth of the way down the side and the other a fourth of the way up the side. Makes me wonder if the latches were optional or added by the owners. Otherwise identical!

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