Steam Punk – Model Steam Engines, Too


I’m too old to be caught up in the Steam Punk movement that some terribly wise youngsters seem to be so into these days.

Model Steam Engine - Steam Punk

I do, however, appreciate the incredible contribution that the ingenuity of steam power made toward the advancements that have lead to the society we know and live in today. I’m also English, and we English do seem to harbor a special place in our hearts for the nostalgic steam trains that crisscrossed our country for about one hundred years spanning the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Never mind the soot, the nostalgia is real.

In addition to using my workshop to repair and build clocks, I also build model steam engines. Some, such as this one, one can purchase as a kit. The kits contain all the necessary metal stock as well as the parts that must be cast in iron. For a skilled machinist, these projects can be simple, but rewarding. I will post video of this and other engines running in a future post. I’ve also fabricated boilers to which these machines may be attached and the steam from which can power them. They can also be attached to a compressor and run on compressed air.

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