Simplex Time Recorder. 1920’s. Lightweight Time Recorder.

A nice, clean Simplex Time Recorder.

Simplex Time Recorder. 1920’s.

Simplex Time Recorder. 1920’s.

The first time recorder I added to my collection. This is the smallest of my punch clocks. At 40 lbs., this is a lightweight, considering the fact that some of my other punch clocks weigh-in at almost 90 lbs. Mind you, I have never hung a time recorder on the wall!!

Relationship Building

One reason we love time recorders so much is because of the daily personal relationships we like to imagine hundreds of employees having had with these machines once upon a time. A child can have a fond memory of laying on their grandparents’ living room floor listening to the rhythmic tick tock of a mantel clock and feeling peace. A wife can remember the long, slow gong of the grandfather clock in the hallway the moment she received news on the telephone of her husband’s passing.

But there is something so intensely personal about the day in / day out intimacy between an hourly employee and his time clock. The amount of times it was cursed at the clock in; the amount of times it was kissed on the clock out. What names was it given? Could they be repeated on our family blog!?! It’s fun to imagine these workers, this clock, in its former life.

Click here for Wikipedia info on the Simplex.

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