It’s Life’s Simple Pleasures – Fusee English Wall Clock

Sometimes, it’s the simplest clocks that bring the most pleasure. This fusee English wall clock hangs in our kitchen and is a precise time keeper. No clues as to its origins, but it’s fusee through and through.

Fusee English Wall Clock

This dial came to us in perfect condition. Never recondition original parts, even dials, if they arrive to you this way. However, faces often suffer the most  over the years and if you find one that is so flaked as to be unreadable, there are professional restorers who can help you out.

We prefer The Dial House. She does an exceptional job. When she’s restored our dials, we’ve taken the opportunity to place on them the names of places or businesses that mean something to us.

Fusee Design

We talked elsewhere about the design of a fusee mechanism. Too little attention, however, is paid to the simple genius of these clocks’ exteriors. Meant to serve an utterly practical purpose, these simple, elegant circles are disarmingly lovely. Coupled with contemplation of how many thousands of eyes may have looked to them – in a busy train station, in a closing post office . . .

How many eager minds and hearts stood before this clock, waiting for a certain time to strike, awaiting the approach of a rendezvous, dreading an imminent discussion, counting the number of minutes since someone left for good?

Life mysteriously recorded, temperately chronicled, and silently monitored by this artifact from a time when life’s pace may have been less rapid, but time was still zealously, irrevocably, dispassionately ticked off one unwavering second at a time.

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