Silvertone Gramophone 1920-1940

This is a vintage Silvertone Gramophone.

silvertone gramophone

Living Mechanisms

Gramophones and clocks have much in common as they are both working and living antiques powered essentially by spring-wound motors. I purchased this thinking it would be an interesting project. I rebuilt the motor which is very simple (after working on clocks). We also refinished the cabinet.

silvertone gramophone

One of the more challenging aspects of the restoration was to find that the front section with the criss-cross pattern was unsalvageable and I had to re-fabricate it completely. Not being a woodworker this proved to be quite a challenge.

Mistaken Case Choice

My only reservation is with the final product is the finish. I used a gloss clear coat as opposed to the original oil finish…..looks and sounds ok though!

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