Seth Thomas Shelf clock. Eight Day. 1890’s

This is a Seth Thomas Shelf clock. It runs for eight days, is chime and strike, and dates from the 1890s.

Seth Thomas Shelf clock

Seth Thomas Eight Day Shelf clock 1890’s

In most cases, this would be considered a mantel clock. The term ‘shelf clock’ is not commonly used, often associated with early nineteenth century American clocks from New England. However, I tend to refer to clocks with a more vertical nature as shelf clocks to distinguish them from the traditional parabolic mantel clocks. And I dislike the term ‘table clock.’

American clocks are rare in our collection, but any respectable clock collector in the United States is going to have a Seth Thomas or two. The Seth Thomas company innovated the mass production of clocks in the nineteenth century. However, Seth Thomas clocks were well built and maintain a quality and reliability above the average mass produced American clock dating from the same era.

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