Seth Thomas Gallery Clock

This is an American clock that belonged to a British company located in Bombay. One thing’s for sure: clock collecting is an international endeavor! A Seth Thomas Gallery Clock. Mid 1800’s. As with many of my clocks, I often wonder about their history. This one has an embossed metal plate attached to the face ‘West End Watch Company Bombay, Calcutta’ .

Seth Thomas Gallery Clock

Seth Thomas Gallery Clock

British Colonial Rule

The West End is synonymous with the theater district of London and certainly, this clock is a specimen of British colonial rule of India. This clock came home to retire; I purchased it at an auction in the US where it was originally manufactured. You can hear the gears grinding and clattering louder that the chimes when it strikes.

I do not intend to change its operating condition. I’ve visited India and some areas seem to have changed very little since the British left. There are still some steam trains running and I would imagine that you could find a clock or two just like this one still ticking away since the day they were hung on the wall……It’s a wonderful old clock!


In late 2016, this clock fell from its hanging on the wall and smashed. We were not present when this occurred. It was hanging above a doorway, perhaps not the safest place for a clock, I grant you.

I was able to repair the movement, which suffered minimal damage. The lovely, old, wormwood riddled case, however, was not so easy to approach. I painstakingly took on the task, however, determined to preserve this fascinating piece of history.

The case is now repaired. It will not go back above the door.

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