Self Winding Clock Ca 1900

Well, this self winding electro-mechanical clock was certainly a learning experience when it came to the disassembly and rebuild of the movement. I have very little experience with electro mechanical clocks. I had to do some serious research before diving into this one. As far as ‘time only’ clocks, this is by far the most complex that I have in my collection.
Self Winding Clock

Magnetic Impulse Motor

Self Winding ClockThe entire movement was designed around the magnetic impulse motor that engages every hour to wind a small main spring. In addition to the motor, there is a ‘solenoid’ to the top right of the movement which would have, at one time,  received a signal via telegraph which would have been used to  synchronize the time. The solenoid punches a lever down on a cam on the motion works that would move the hour hand to 12:00 every day.

Surprisingly Small Mainspring

Self Winding Electro-Mechanical ClockAs you can see in the photo, the mainspring is very small. This was possible due to the fact that the motor would engage and wind the mainspring every hour. Due to the low power output of the spring, these clocks often show minimal wear to bushings and gears. I can imagine that this clock had seen a drop of oil after Western Union pulled the plug on the program…and it was in exceptional mechanical shape … just needed a good clean and adjustment!!

As you can see, I am short one pendulum. I think a Seth Thomas No 2 regulator pendulum may work?? I’m open to advice.

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