Salisbury Cathedral Clock. Salisbury, England, United Kingdom

The Salisbury Cathedral Clock is quite possible the oldest working clock in existence. The movement of this incredible 14th century example was a pleasure to see up close.

Our entire experience as Salisbury Cathedral was an adventure. We entered late in the afternoon and were greeted by a docent who was letting us know that the last showing of the Magna Carta was about to close. The Magna Carta?!? That was not what we had come to see, but if it was here . . .

Magna Carta

Salisbury Cathedral ClockI remember saying, “The Magna Carta,” as I began running down the side aisle of the Cathedral, pushing my mother in law in a wheelchair. “Where are we going?” she shouted. “Magna Carta! Magna Carta!” I learned upon seeing the exhibit that this was, in fact, one of a few contemporary copies of the document available today. After the hub-bub died down and we caught our breath, we took our time admiring the clock.

Salisbury Cathedral Clock

As you can read on the Cathedral’s page, the clock was originally housed in an independent tower, but was moved to its current spot in the late 18th century.

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