English Oak Barometer. Oak Mount. Approx 1935. Dedication Plaque

This Oak Barometer is the first of my very few barometers.

Oak Barometer. Circa 1935.

Barometer. Circa 1935.

This was somewhat of an impulse buy at a local auction. When I got it home and took a close look at it, it was evident that the quality of the instrument was rather good. There is a plaque on it indicating that it was awarded to a gentleman for a lifetime of services to his community in England.

Hurricane Ike

I was under the impression that it was in good working order and referred to it regularly for my weather predictions. Hurricane Ike made landfall on Sept 12th 2008 on Galveston, Texas. If you look closely at the barometer reading you will notice that the main hand points to ‘Cloudy & Warmer.’ This is where it stays most of the time. On the night that Ike hit, I looked at the barometer and noticed that the hand was moving anti-clockwise (as one may expect) toward stormy weather. At the height of Hurricane Ike’s wrath, this barometer only ever registered ‘Increasing Winds,’ not  ‘Very Stormy or even ‘High Winds. We had sustained winds in excess of 100 mph!!

Barometers are nothing like clocks, are they? Or are they? Sleek wooden cases, large lovely dial faces. Going to auctions as much as we do, sometimes you just can’t resist.

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