New Haven No. 4 Bracket Clock ca. 1920

This New Haven bracket clock is interesting in that it has two separate movements: one for the time and strike operation and one for the chime mechanism. Fittingly, it has Westminster chime on four gongs, silvered face.

New Haven Bracket Clock

Movement  Repairs

The clock has lantern pinions throughout both movements. Two pinions were twisted and one required new trunnions. They appeared to have been bent over time due to either main spring familiar or just excessive force. Several bushings were also replaced.

Case Details

Unfortunately, the case finials are not original. On the other hand, the information and inspection card was still attached to the inside of the rear door.

New Haven Bracket Clock

Note: The third winding hole that enables one to wind the chime movement is on the lower side of the clock case. The time and strike is wound conventionally with two winding arbors in the face.

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