National Time Recorder. ca 1900.

This National Time Recorder specimen is the only Time Recorder in my collection with a ‘day’ indicator.

This clock is in its original ‘un-restored’ condition. As you can see, I have lots of work to do this winter!!

I will post updates as I work through the restoration process…….to be continued.

Day Indicators

The cascade front and day indicators are the most collectible time recorders.


Time Recorders

Work is an incredible online site full of valuable information about the history of English time recorders. It’s worth a browse through if you are as interested in them as we are.

If you are generally interested in punch clocks, take a look at the other time recorders in our collection:

7 responses to “National Time Recorder. ca 1900.

  1. I noted your clock with the day recording. Is it for sale?

    • Thank you so much for looking at our collection.

      I’m afraid these clocks are not for sale at this time . . .

    • I have a fully operational Time recorder with the day indicator.
      It’s in its original condition and untouched. The only work done was by a clock repairman 6 years ago to clean movement and check. Works perfectly. It is heavy and takes up a lot of room in my house. I could be convinced to sell. Contact me. Thanks.

  2. Hi ! I read your note with interest …. you have a National Time Recorder Clock , formed in 1908 in London , and presumably badged for Leeds Co. I have the same under the name of The British Time Recorder Co , who were the UK sales arm of Bundy , and which was renamed in 1912 as International Time Recorders , and then went on to be IBM.
    My current problem is dating the clock , mine should in theory be before 1912 , but the design of both clocks looks far too modern ! Do you have any info to date yours ?


    Martin Turff, UK.

    • I must confess to not having a specific date line for my clock. I used ‘best guess’ method on this one. Please keep me in the loop if you are able to button down an exact date and I’ll correct my entry . . . Thanks!

  3. I have just bought a Time Recorder Clock like yours but no calendar on or punch arm, It just beautiful solid oak/brass clock from Leeds.
    Inside there is a receipt , given to a Mr Stephenson for 22 pence or 1 shilling and 10 pence in the old days, he bought the clock from Skininggrove Steelworks in 1976 for his with and the key is engraved with the words to my Darling Edith April 1976
    Its obviously much older than that , its in very good condition and it works too. I am bewilder though as when you wind up the clock , you wind it anti clockwise?
    I bought it in Saltburn Salerooms for £50.00 and to me it s a bargain. Keith

  4. I have one i want to sell

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