My Workshop

This is my machining workshop … and my home from home!

My Home From Home

As one may see from the photos, I have other interests outside of horology such as radio control model boats built from wood, model steam engines, and any other interesting mechanisms that come my way.

The machine-shop  is equipped with four lathes, a milling machine, two drill presses, a bench grinder and some other miscellaneous tools. Due to the dust issue, all woodworking and air tools are located in the garage. My machine shop occupies two rooms built off of my garage. I am very lucky in that it has central air conditioning and heat.

I have restored two of the lathes I own. the Atlas 12” lathe dates back to the 1930s as does the Atlas 6” They are almost as old as the clocks I repair on them!

I also have an instrument lathe I restored. Both the instrument lathe and the 12” Atlas Lathe lathe were in dire straits when I purchased them. Restoring old machine tools, for the most part, involves hours and hours of cleaning rusty or greasy parts, cleaning polishing and re-painting. There is not much to it other than getting up to your elbows in grease and sweat but it is well worth the effort when you consider the end result.

I have a small Taig Lathe for fine clock work and I use a Saig X3 Super milling machine. I use the milling machine along with an optical center-finder for clock bushing work.

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  1. I love your set-up. You seemed to have all the equipments required to service a mechanical clock. I only have loose tools and a spring winder for changing clock springs. I am on the look out for a China made milling/cutting machine because I always wanted to make mechanical wooden clocks of my own. Coming from a tropical country, I wanted to make wooden clocks made from coconut shells. It would be fantastic to know that I can share with the world clocks made out from coconut materials. Cost of such machine (good ones) cost something like USD3K. The only setback, my wife said she will kill me if I purchase the machine. Sigh, there goes my dream.
    By the way, I have 40 over clocks in my collections and I service all my own clocks. The clocksmen nowadays only repair quartz clock. They have no idea about mechanical clocks.

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