My Vienna Regulator Repair Project Clock.

For this Vienna Regulator Repair project, I married these two (movement & case) up to make this clock.

My Vienna Regulator Repair Project Clock

My Vienna Regulator Project Clock

It’s my second project clock. The first was an old case with new movement. Although the case in this clock is relatively new, I think the marriage is perfect. The face size and pendulum length and swing couldn’t be better. Eight day. movement.

Vienna Regulator Collection

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4 responses to “My Vienna Regulator Repair Project Clock.

  1. I have an identical mate to this clock,
    can you tell me more about it.

    • This is a project clock that I built. The case is new and the movement is an original Vienna regulator movement dating from the 1800’s. The original movement would have been new. I purchased the case and found a movement that fit the case.

  2. I have the twin to this as well my pendulam has R A on it do you know the approximate value of this clock? Thanks

  3. I just picked up this same clock what are worth in working order

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