Gothic clock case Project. 1700’s

I came upon this lovely old gothic clock case which probably dates back to the late 1700’s. and had originally decided to find an antique movement for it. That turned out to be a far harder task than I thought it would be.

Gothic CLock. 1700's.

My Project Clock. 1700’s.

I wanted a weight driven movement because the length of the case suggests that may have been what was there originally. Finding a movement with a pendulum just long enough to show through the glass at the bottom of the case proved to be almost impossible, not to mention a face to fit the case and movement.

Sometimes We Settle

I settled for a brand new weight driven German movement (time only) and I found what I think is the perfect face and this is the result. Old case new workings.

I really enjoyed this project because I could actually chose the way it would look in the end… I can appreciate people who build clock cases and assemble clocks from scratch. I found it to be incredibly rewarding!

A Clock of One’s Own

So, I’ve embarked on creating a regulator from scratch. See my first post about this project and follow along with me as we progress through the experience.

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