Steam is the New Black: Model Steam Engine Kits

IMG_9460Here is a larger model steam engine of the ilk I wrote about in my previous post. When I was really into building these models from kits, there were two sources from which I ordered them. PM Research is your best source if you are looking for affordable kits and if you are located in the States. Stuart Models is based in the UK and is a purveyor of high end, let’s-face-it-I-want-all-of-them-in-my-collection kits. Both places usually have two types of each kit:

  • sets where the metal is stock and needs to be machined
  • sets where the metal has been machined and the kit just needs to be assembled. In some cases, the assembled engines are also for sale.

horizontal model steam engineMachining is my hobby, something I’ve been doing since I was a teenager, so I opt to machine these myself. As you can see, I prefer not to paint my castings (though you will see in the future that I do not refuse to do it.) I also like to mount my engines on wood blocks. I like the gravitas it adds to the display. This engine and the previous are both mounted on mahogany.

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