Junghans ‘Wag-on-Wall’ Wall Clock. ca 1900. Austrian.

A very high quality Junghans wag on wall clock. The movement is of the high end from Junghans. Notice the polished plates and fine machine work.

I have several Junghans clocks in my collection; none are as nice as this example. The clock chimes a single note on two chime rods at the quarter hour and chimes a Westminster on the hour. This is the only quarter hour chiming clock that I could bear live with if I were to run it continually.

I did some restoration work to clean up the case, but nothing so important enough as to note. Rarely, as I’ve found so far, do I need to do much work on Junghans cases. Thankfully, previous owners of my specimens have understood what treasures they are and taken very good care of them.

Finicky Finials

You may notice there used to be a finial of some type on top. If anyone has a similar clock with the original finial, please send me a photo as I would like to replicate it.

Junghans wag on wall clock

Our Junghans

As I note above, this is one of a few Junghans clocks of which we are proud:

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