Junghans Mantel clock. Bim Bam Clock. Ca 1930.

‘Bim-Bam’ striking Junghans Mantel clock. 8 day.

Junghans Mantel clock

The clock was very clean when I received it except that some grease or oil had hardened around a couple of the time train pivots causing the clock to stop intermittently.


Junghans Mantel clockI recall feeling particularly lazy on the day I repaired this clock not wanting to do any more than the bare minimum to get the thing working. I dropped both the mainspring barrels out (easy on these newer designs) and pulled the plates apart just enough to clean the time train wheel pivots without disturbing the Strike side.

Perils of Thickened Oil

The movement of this clock was extremely clean. It just goes to show how just a little thickened oil can cause a problem even when a clock looks a clean as a pin!

Watch Her in Action

Our Junghans

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