Dachluhr Vienna Regulator.

One of my finest clocks, a Dachluhr Vienna Regulator. Technically, it is a clock simply in the Dachluhr style. A regulator with dead beat escapement and maintaining power.

Jeweler's Regulator Dachluhr Vienna Regulator

Dachluhr-style Vienna Regulator

Not sure exactly what age this is, best guess is late 1800’s. I rebuilt and cleaned the movement and discovered that the maintaining power (MP) spring had failed. A previous tinkerer had fashioned a bent piece of wire as a substitute, forcing the maintaining wheel and main wheel apart. I have removed the bent wire and pinned the two wheels together temporarily while I hunt the world for a replacement MP spring. Any suggestions are welcome!

Some minor repairs were done to the case. A type of vinyl had been adhered to the inside of the clock case. I removed it and stained the interior with a dark stain to highlight the brass pendulum and weight. The pendulum on this clock is the heaviest I have ever seen; it is solid lead and brass. The face is porcelain, with a sweeping second hand.

(UPDATE: 27 January 2009)

We have replaced the maintaining power spring on this clock and it is now back to its original condition. We are very pleased.

(UPDATE: 6 July 2010)

We have found evidence in a publication on the history of Vienna Regulator’s, that this is in fact a Dachluhr-style Vienna Regulator, dating 1815-1840. The photographs in the publication are almost identical to our clock, save for the fact that ours is missing the wooden ornamentation that seems to hang from the bottom of all Vienna Regulator cases.

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