Horolovar Dickory Dickory Dock Clock Ca 63-73

Novelty clock. This Horolovar Dickory Dickory Dock Clock is basically a smaller reproduction of the original 1910 Dungan & Klump Model 4 ‘mouse clock’. Not sure when the American version of the nursery rhyme evolved into Hickory Dickory Dock. Any insights are welcome in the comments.Dickory Dickory Dock Clock

Even these later versions are becoming very desirable among collectors due, in large part, to there scarcity.

Dickory Dickory Dock ClockThis particular clock is fitted with a German platform escapement movement. The mouse is pulled up the face of the clock by a cord that winds around a spool. At one o’clock the mouse drops to the bottom and a bell rings the mouse then begins its travels back to the top.

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