Herschade Tall Case Clock 1913

This Herschade tall case clock dates from 1913.

Herschade Tall Case Clock

This is an eight-day, two-weight movement. It has a Westminster chime on 5 tubes, a second hand, and a moon phase.

Pride of the Collection

This is by far the finest Long Case clock I have in my collection. The high quality movement is most interesting in that it has time, strike, and Westminster Chime on a two (2!!) weight movement!

Strike and Chime

The strike and chime works from a single revolving drum. On the hour the pin drum revolves and tips the strike hammers to chime out a Westminster pattern on the 5 tubes. After this sequence is completed, the pin drum shifts over laterally to engage a second set of pins that tip a single strike hammer to sound the hour count….Very ingenious!

Dating this Clock

We were able to determine exactly the date of manufacture of this clock by opening the weight shells. Upon manufacture, Herschade wrapped their lead weight inserts in a current newspaper of the day. Thankfully, there was a newspaper fragment still in the weight shell! We were able to match the text in the clipping to a Cincinnati, Ohio, newspaper dated 1913.

The clock had quite a few parts missing when I purchased it and the repair turned out to be quite costly as Herschade parts are very expensive. Due to the unusual design and rarity of the movement, it was not the easiest restoration to undertake, certainly not for the lighthearted. Nonetheless, a rewarding result.

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