Final Update: Gledhill Brook Time Recorder Restoration

I have now completed the Gledhill Brook Time Recorder Restoration. I purchased this machine from a person who advertised the sale of three IBM master clocks in a local paper. I called the seller and arranged to meet him at a storage facility.  When he opened the door to the locker I found three IBM clocks: one master clock and two slave clocks. All were electric powered and in need of lots of work. There were also several large boxes of parts.

In the back I noticed a Gledhill Brook case. All the parts were removed and it had been partly sanded down. I asked about the parts. The seller said that perhaps they were in these boxes; he wasn’t sure. Gledhill Brook Time Recorder restorations are ones I’m particularly proud of, as English clocks hold a special place in my heart and I know the stories and people that come to me through these clocks, even if I’ll never know the details.

Fortunately, I had just finished restoring a Gledhill about a month before so the parts were still fresh in my mind. I was able to find the face, movement, time recorder, and just about any other part that looked familiar to me. I made a deal and left with the clock.

It has taken me almost three years to complete this project, as I had to search eBay for some parts to finish the clock. They included the pendulum, control rods, hands, locks & latches, even the little plastic plate stating, “Do not wind hands back.”

Of note: all these parts are available on eBay (UK) and seem to come up quite frequently. I live in the United States where these clocks are quite rare.

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