Gledhill Brook Time Recorder Restoration or What to do with a Clock in a Box

gledhill brook time recorder restorationWe have a  Gledhill Brook Time Recorder restoration which was actually purchased as a box of parts and a case. Most of the clock appears to be complete with the exception of the hands and a few small parts that I will be able to fabricate. Fortunately, I have a complete Gledhill Brook clock from which to work.

Rolls Royce of Time Recorders

As I’ve stated in a previous post, if one ever has an opportunity to work on one of these clocks you will soon realize why they are regarded as the ‘Rolls Royce’ of time recorders. Huge chain fusee movements fitted with Harrison maintaining power.

Maintaining Power Spring

Maintaining power is a feature not often mentioned with these clocks, but it exemplifies the quality of these time pieces. I have begun my restoration with the disassembly and cleaning of the movement. The case has been sanded down and re-stained as most of the original finish was gone.

Need More of Gledhill Brook

Remember, all of you interested in Gledhill Brook Time Recorders are invited to visit our sister site: GledhillBrook.Com

You can see progress on this restoration in the following posts:

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