Gilbert mantel clock. Differing Strike Mechanisms. 1880’s.

This is a Gilbert mantel clock with oak case.

Gilbert Mantel Clock
Gilbert mantel clock 1880’s

Gilbert mantle clock 1880’s

Bell and Gong

This is an unusual movement in that the clock strikes the half hour on a bell and strikes the hour on a coil gong. I do not have another clock in my collection that strikes in this way.

Pie Crust Design

The face and bezel on this clock are referred to as a ‘pie crust’ design. You may have heard of this technique on vintage and antique furniture such as tables, but it is also a term that is applied in horology, as well.

4 responses to “Gilbert mantel clock. Differing Strike Mechanisms. 1880’s.

  1. I have just happened upon the ‘Gilbert clock you restored.
    When you mentioned the unusual striking system,and gave a picture,I was reminded of a clock in my possession— namely, an
    Arthur Pequegnal (pronounced Peginaw). He was Canadian. His
    clocks are quite collectable because of the movements he designed; the bell and gong were an example.
    Could it be that ‘Gilbert’ clocks and ‘Arthur’ clocks are from the same stable?

    • Thanks for your interest in my clock collection.

      I have researched Arthur Pequegnal Clock Company and all the information I could come up with does not mention any affiliation with The Gilbert Clock Company. Arthur Pequegnal began producing clocks in 1904 and the company ceased production in 1941. The factory was eventually demolished in 1964. From what little I have read, these clocks have become very collectable, you may have quite a treasure! I have included a couple of interesting links for you to review; one of them has several nice examples of this great Canadian clock.

      Hope this helps,

  2. I got the exact same case.The exact same ornementation. Oak. Bezel is different. The one i got have the same bezel as on the gilbert clock Jamaica model.
    Was this clock originally sold with oak finish or was it black painted
    The movement inside the clock i have is dated of 1911 + the pendulum adjuster patent dated 1896.
    What is the name of this model.
    What year is stamped on your clock movement
    Did Gilbert clock co made this clock model for over 30 years.

  3. Barry, Kitchener, Ontario

    I have the same clock but instead has a white face with Arabic numbers and a glass door over it. I inherited it from my grandmother and unfortunately, I do not have any family history other than it was from her family. The other unfortunate part is that my grandparents had painted white at some point and so I have no idea what the original finish would have looked like. Can you clarify if you restored your clock to what is likely the original finish? Might it have been a mat block?

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