German box clock, Westminster chime, ca. 1920

A nice German box clock.

German Box Clock, Westminster Chime

Typically, I don’t buy these clocks now as they do not hold much interest to me anymore. This one caught my attention because it is a Westminster Chime movement and the case is in exceptional condition.

German Box Clock, Westminster ChimeThe movement will require disassembling and cleaning, a task that I’m just not ready to do just yet. I have taken apart some Westminster Chime movements, most have been weight driven. This one looked to be a little challenging so, I’ll tackle it when I have time to devote if it becomes a total nightmare.

Many clocks in my collection have almost ended up being thrown through my office window in the middle of the night due to shear frustration. This one has potential!

Check out this other German Box Clock in our collection. It is an interesting specimen only because wall clocks usually chime on a coil gong, but this one chimes on a chime rod. When you have clocks running all the time and the chimes become an important part of your day, the nature of the chime becomes incredibly important to you.

Note that the dial does not have an overlay. The numbers are stamped on the metal which makes it particularly resilient to travel and age.

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