Fusee Mania

We are fusee maniacs; we have fusee mania. Say it with me, “I’m a fusee maniac.”

Next to Gledhill Brook time recorders (which use a fusee movement!!!), English fusee clocks are our favorite. We have close to ten really nice specimens. Here are three dials which required attention. So, we had them redone and labelled with some Tunbridge Wells / Kent landmarks that are part of our personal history and close to our hearts.

Avon Stores

Avon stores was a shop at the bottom of Avon Road near the Rec in Tunbridge Wells in the early 1970s.

Fort Halstead

Fort Halstead is a Royal Defense establishment in Seven Oaks. I served my apprenticeship there, learned all the machining skills I now apply to clocks and steam engines. Today, I think it is simply a research facility.

St. James’ Infant School

St. James’s Infant School was my infant school when I returned from Africa as a boy. When I attended, it was located in a different place than it is now.

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